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December 2016
by Dan Delong

NetSpot - wireless survey and conflict solver

For best analysis of wireless dead spots in an area, say a home or office, it is better to give NetSpot an outline illustration of the area needing coverage. After NetSpot analyses signal strength from each checked access point, you will be presented with a map of the area, showing where signals are strongest and weakest, according to colour (green for strong and blue for weak). To solve the problem, transmitting devices can be relocated, or their antennae moved. Run the analysis again to check for improvements.


Figure 1: Showing clours assigned to each selected device and some details about all known devices

In addition, NetSpot also identifies each available device by vendor name and SSID, as well as the channel, type, and band used by each device, signal strength, and security setting. This knowledge, along with the signal survey map, is extremely useful for preventing channel interference and signal leakage to unauthorized, nearby devices. By checking off the box for several of the stronger nearby access points (even if they are not yours), you can view various details, including graphs of overlapping channels.


Figure 2: Showing signal strength colour keyed to each selected device


Figure 3: Showing my three devices on right in green and competing devices using lower channels

Since NetSpot was originally coded for Macs, an OSX version is also available. The Free version has limitations, yet is still quite useful.


Figure 4: Shows an example of a drawn map with various way points tested for signal (blue and purple are weak signals)

System requirements:

Platform: Win 7 / 8 / 10

Version: as of June 2016

Price: Free

Language: English

Download Size: 1.22 MB

Installed Size: 1.4 MB


Download Site: here.