Featured Software
September 2016
by Dan Delong

Team Talk

Microsoft offers Skype services, while Google offers Talk services. But, Team Talk is your own service, if you choose to run the server component and invite others to install the Team Talk client component. Or, you can join some existing chat channels (rooms) created on (servers) started by other users, as open, public, forums.

Up to 1000 clients can be logged into one server. As more people join a room, their icons will appear. Conversations can be through voice or text, with the addition of video, should the joiner wish it. To enter a one-to-one conversation, the user icon can be detached from the room.

Anyone can share files, or even a running desktop application. This is particularly useful if doing a group presentation, and you wish to share your web browser, for example.

Although I haven't tried it, the radio channel feature also sounds intriguing. An extra add-on makes screen reading possible for the visually impaired.

Should you decide to run the server component on your own computer, there are numerous configuration settings and permissions for users on your channels. Your server will be known to others by name or by an IP address that you send to them by e-mail.

No images are included in this article, because the download site already includes very clear screen shots.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows All, and several other OSs

Version: 5.1.7 as of September 2016

Price: Free

Language: English, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and others

Download Sizes: 14 MB for Windows; 9 MB for Linux; 19 MB for OSX; 4 MB for Android

Installed Size: it varies by Os


Download Site: here.