Featured Software
September 2016
by Dan Delong

Calendar Magic

Calendar Magic deserves an updated listing in our featured software, having undergone many years of improvements.

World calendar comparisons are amongst the most difficult to rationalize due to uneven application of Daylight Saving Time, wiggly time zones (not following lines of longitude), and most importantly, being based on entirely different cycles (e.g.; Chinese, Julian, Gregorian). Calendar Magic helps considerably, to cover the above. Some of these calendars can be displayed side-by-side, for comparison.

Make calendar notes and reminder alarms, calculate days between dates, look at historical calendars, and convert between units of currency and measurement.

Festivals and holidays are pre-marked. Easily find on which day of the week an event happened in a chosen year, and what phase the moon was in, and the times for sunup and sundown. The countdown timer marks time in seconds as it reached the zero moment.

Calendar Magic also calculates the distance and times between world locations.

As a bonus, it also includes a wide variety of calculators, including biorhythms, body mass indices, and pregnancy and ovulation timers. A reaction timer is also included, along with fuel and speed calculations.

Calendar Magic

For those who already use an older version of Calendar Magic, read this Important Note

When installing on Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista for the first time, if you wish to transfer your personal settings by copying the file calmag.ini from a Windows XP (or earlier) based installation of Calendar Magic, use a text editor to update the Printer Name entry in the [Form 29] section of calmag.ini to:

Printer Name = (Default Printer)

This will avoid potential problems with changes in assigned printer names.

System requirements:

Platform: Windows All

Version: 1.9 as of August 2016

Price: Free

Language: English, and many more languages

Download Size: 5.58 MB

Installed Size: 17 MB


Download Site: here.