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Privazer  privacy and drive cleaner

The download site offers far more details regarding this powerful drive/privacy cleaner, in that both a video tutorial and a detailed manual are available. The screen shots here simply follow my first time using the program’s portable, no-install, version of Privazer.


Basic and Advanced users – beware of what you choose to do. Undoing is not possible. However, the program offers a quick, one-click, and fairly safe option for Basic cleanup.


Even at that, the first scan and clean of your computer drive(s), (likely the C: drive for starters) will take a lot of time. After that the stored .ini file will help you run future cleans quickly.


Above is a screen shot of the download page.


Here’s the first screen…


Choose Basic or Advanced. A button in the top left of the screen also allows switching between Basic and Advanced at many points in the process, just not on this screen.


Privazer first looks for installed programs, and asks you to select a cleaning option for each of the following screens, shown here and below. This image is not reflective of the programs on my computer; it is supplied by the Privazer GUI.


Thumbnails option is next?


Office histories?


Photo and Image histories?


Maybe I should have picked No here… for removing all thumbnails caches?


Autocomplete histories? I probably should have selected Yes here, although the computer used in this test of Privazer is not normally use for buying things online.


Site thumbnails? I believe these thumbnails are retained for sites visited using each browser.


Cookies? The No (manual mode) would have involved deciding to keep or remove hundreds of cookies, one at a time. Many setters of persistent cookies do not clearly identify themselves, making the manual process difficult.


Clean WebCache?


Previous installation files for Windows will be deleted?


Clean Windows Updates removes installer remnants?


Windows Prefetch?


Hibernaton – on or off?


Save this .ini for later use in subsequent scans? Since this is my first use of the program, there is no existing .ini file for Privzer to find.


First scan - begins. Mmmm, still wondering what “Go to main menu” might do.


Scanning… no changes yet to your system. But, note the opportunity to create a restore point and to save the registry.


Yes, I did ask for High priority and a speed Boost. And, then, I did not disturb the computer, as I wanted to seen how long this phase of the operation would take on my old Windows 7 Starter laptop.


I’m not sure which of these three choices I clicked on… a slip of the finger made the decision for me. Since the whole operation took over an hour to complete, I suspect the Normal cleanup occurred.


Interesting to watch the deletion processes.


which includes a bunch of databases I didn’t even know existed.


This screen captures the early stages of clean-up.


This screen captures a later stage of clean-up. I believe the program is getting ready to write ones and zeros on free sectors. This took a long time.

Choosing Quick cleanup or Turbo cleanup would have been a lot faster.


This screen shows the final results, with a recovery of about 20GB worth of storage space.


The website will explain the potential benefits of paying for the Donors version.


Notice the many devices Privazer is able to scan and clean.


Your computer has recorded every USB device used in the past. That’s why re-inserting the same USB drive results in much faster access to the drive. This option removes such history.


Now that Privazer has completed the first cleaning operation, future scans will be much faster if this Privazer.ini configuration file is loaded next time.


Upon restart of my laptop, all went well. Upon first run of some accounts in a browser, I had to re-enter log-in credentials… but not for Facebook, or Gmail.


System requirements:

Platform:  Win XP, Vista,7, 8, 10


Version: v3.0.62 Jan 2019

Price: Free – donor ware

Language: English, and others

Download Size: 7.7MB installer, 16.5MB portable

Installed Size: 16.4MB for portable no-install version runs directly with a double click on the executable’s filename)


Download Site: Here