February 2019 Directory Print OK
January 2019Privazer - privacy and drive cleaner
December 2018Bulk Crap Uninstaller
November 2018Find.Same.Images.OK
October 2018Media Monkey - The Music Organizer for Serious Collectors
September 2018ControlMyMonitor - Control all but resolution with GUI and Command Line
August 2018Your Phone App - Android phone sharing with latest Win10
July 2018Hard Drive Validator
June 2018Krita - Painting and Illustrating software for Windows, Mac, and Linux
May 2018BurnAware - CD / DVD / BlueRay Disc Burning
April 2018KVYcam - ways to use your web cam
March 2018Neat Mouse - using the number pad for cursor movements
February 2018Scan Transfer - to PC from phones on Wi-Fi
January 2018EMSISOFT - Emergency Kit
December 2017Alternate Tools - 50+ free programs
November 2017W10Privacy
October 2017MediaHuman - YouTube to MP3
September 2017IP Camera configuration using free and proprietary apps
August 2017Windows Privacy Dashboard
July 2017Path Copy Copy
June 2017pCloud - lots of free storage
May 201710AppsManager - to uninstall and reinstall Windows Store apps

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